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Phalacronotus quadrimaculatus (Linné, 1761)
Syn.: Aphodius (Phalacronotus) quadrimaculatus (Linné, 1761)
Family: Scarabaeidae (Aphodiidae, Aphodiinae)
Size: 3.7 mm (3.0 to 4.0 mm)
Origin: Europe without the North, Caucasus, Asia Minor
Ecology: In the spring, especially in sheep dung

Location: England, Ipswich
leg. det. P.Harwood, 3.V.1902
Coll. Oxford University of Natural History
Photo: U.Schmidt, 2017

Phalacronotus quadrimaculatus  (enlarged)

Phalacronotus quadrimaculatus   (Flickr)